Knight and Day movie in Kakinada (Not Playing Now)   
Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz
Other Artists
Peter Sarsgaard, Viola Davis, Olivier Martinez, Paul Dano, Maggie Grace, Mark Blucas
Music Director
John Powell
James Mangold
Todd Garner, Cathy Konrad, Steve Pink, Joe Roth
Release date
27 August 2010
The movie "Knight and Day" ,with Tom Cruise as a covert agent and Cameron Diaz as the girl who unwittingly becomes a pawn in his high-stakes, face-off with the bad guys. Knight and Day is a sheer treat. A rogue secret agent, Roy Miller (Cruise) bumps into car enthusiast June Havens (Diaz). After Roy does away with the other baddie passengers and pilots and crash-lands their aircraft in a cornfield, June soon finds herself caught up in his ever-widening world of danger and espionage. This sets off a series of events that finds Roy putting June on a whirlwind worldwide excursion where they are chased from deserted islands to snow-capped Austria to the running of the bulls in Spain. As the story unfolds we find numerous shady characters, as well as the CIA, following Roy, and all are seeking a valuable battery designed by geeky inventor Simon (Paul Dano).
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Knight and Day
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