Advertising Package and Specifications

Online Advertising generates high impression on visitors resulting in immediate sales. The most important being is the brand awareness that can be created and the loyalty that can be achieved for your products/service offerings.
Benefits you get:
Advertisement costs:
We offer advertisement opportunities on our website which are highly economical in cost as well as effective for promotion. Advertising cost ranges from 1000/- to 8000/- in accordance to the type of Advertisement format opted. Duration of advertising ranges from one month to six months depending on the type of advertisement format. For specific advertising rates and other information please Contact us.
Note: Advertisements will be in sequence if more than one advertiser opts for same advertising package.
Ex:If Say 3 Advertisers opts same format then Advertisements will be displayed randomly such that once you're ad will appear followed by two other ads and for the 4th time of any specified page seen again your ad will be displayed.

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