Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Amanda Peet
Other Artists
T.J.Miller, Catherine Tate, Billy Connolly, James Corden, Chris O'Dowd
Music Director
Henry Jackman
Rob Letterman
John Davis Gregory Goodman Ben Cooley Jack Black
Release date
25 March 2011
The movie "Gulliver's Travels" is a fantasy comedy. The story is based on its novel in the 18th century. The current story is set in modern times. Lemuel Gulliver(Jack Black) is a mail room worker who becomes deeply depressed by his dead end job and takes up an assignment as a travel writer. His new task is to travel to The Bermuda Triangle and write an article, proving the myth of missing ships is not true. On his journey he gets caught in a storm and lands on the shore of Lilliput, where he is captured and later treated as hero for rescuing the princess and the King of Lilliput. The story entirely revolves around Gulliver and his adventures and how he ends up as a successful fiction writer in New York, writing about his experiences on Lilliput island. Gulliver's Travels is under the banner of 20th Century Fox.
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Gulliver's Travels
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