Roll Over, Kakinada
Roll Over
Ice Creams/ Handcrafted
Contact Person
Dileep Kumar
D.No: 70-2-28/A, Beside HP Petrol Bunk, Nagamallithota Junction, Kakinada - 03
Opp: Halcyon Times
Opening hours
11:00 a.m. To 11:00 p.m.
Roll Over, a Bangalore based company which is the first exclusive ice cream rolls store in India. Not just rolls, but we have brought several concepts from all over world the with an extensive menu & ofcourse a desi touch to ensure to give a treat to the taste buds.
The founders of the company are no new people to the food and hospitality industry, Own Restaurants , Cafes and Corporate Catering Units.

The Concept hails from Thailand and is one of the most liked street food of that country. It’s creamy base milk poured on to a cold pan, topped with fruits, flavors, chocolates & much more and mashed together. The concoction is then flattened and evenly spread, scraped into rolls & plated at its best; with toppings to add on to the taste.

As a brand, we believe in giving the customer the same feel, quality & standard across. The stores would look alike with the same colour concepts, our custom designed seating & tables, the wall graphics, menu displays, branding etc. The interiors would suit a perfect dessert store and would be highly attractive to customers.

* Ice Cream Rolls
* Gourmet Plates
* The Shakes
* Exotic Sundaes
* Mr.Fries
* Quick Bites
* Sandwiches
* JarrEd
* Signature Desserts
* Make Your Own Creation
Distance from
Rail : 1.57 km, Bus : 2.23 km
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Roll Over

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