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Pranic Healer, Kakinada
Pranic Healer
Entrepreneur/ Pranic Healer/ Pranic Psycho Therapist & Pranic Weight Management Consultant
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Mr. Kiran
D.No: 2-8-23, Venkateswara Swamy Temple Street, Venkat Nagar, Kakinada - 03
Opp. Akhil Medical Academy
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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Energy.

Pranic Healing® is a no- touch method of healing yourself and others by using powerful and simple techniques given by the school's founder, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS).

Spread over 120 countries GMCKS Pranic Healing is practised by people from all walks of life: doctors, scientists, athletics, students, homemakers. In short, people like you and me.

What Can We Heal ?

Physical Ailments:-
We can help with physical ailments that range from the common cold to serious diseases like cancer and high blood pressure.

We can treat traumas such as grief, anger, heartbreak, losing a loved one, etc.

Mental And Psychological:-
Conditions Ranging From Stress To Addiction Like Smoking And More Can be Helped.

The Teacher:-
Spiritual Guru to thousands across the world, globally renowned author, scientist, philanthropist, businessman and the founder of the modern School of Pranic Healing: Grand master Choa Kok Sui, He is credited with the development of systematic non-touch, exceedingly efficient energy-healing system that is Pranic Healing. this involves a more proficient understanding and subsequent use of "life force" which is also known as "Prana", "Ki" or "chi"_ that is essential in keeping our bodies alive and healthy.

Born in 1952 in the Philippines, he spent a lifetime in this detailed study, refinement, validation and testing of prana, leaving us the legacy and incredible benefits of his work.

Testimonials From The Heart:-

Severe Asthma Healed in 3 Months
"I had severe asthma from childhood. After applying the techniques of Advanced Pranic Healing for 2-3 months, my problems has been solved. Thank you Master for the wonderful techniques and teachings."
-Mincl Jain

Spinal Cord Injury of 35 Years
"I had problems in my spinal cord of 35 years I met with 3 accidents, my pelvis got broken and I had nerves ailments also, Just by Pranic Healing all these aliments were miraculously cured. No medicine is required now. I am completely healed."
-Bhanumathi Ramakrishna

For More Details Contact: 9293140180, 9291563660.
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Pranic Healer

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