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THANKS INKAKINADA FOR YOUR QUICKLINK.I hope to use this in my future also as this helped me in time.
14-Mar-2013 Davendra

Any result to find, is the best way. I am very happy with
31-Jan-2013 A. Padmavathi

I would like to thank you for the service provided and I am really pleased with the service. I am really happy to see that services of this kind for a Tier II city like Kakinada are provided. Good service and keep up the good work.
25-Jan-2013 Sai Satyanarayana.Ch

The website is very good and helpful site. Though I am new to this site, everything is so clear and get the complete and correct information regarding anything in Kakinada. Nice title InKakinada. Good thought. Thanks a lot for bringing this site and wish you a very very success, so that in future it will help us tooo...
10-Jan-2013 RAghu

Really this site is helping us a lot. Thank you
06-Jan-2013 Ganesh Reddy Neelapu

It's good. I really wondered to such info. You are simply pride of kakinada. Please improve more n more.
13-Dec-2012 TIRUMALA RAO

The presentation of information was excellent. I could reach the site with out any difficulty.
10-Dec-2012 K D Rao

Good one ,very helpfull first time i have seen such a site. Helped me in finding ph no.s of DEO office
29-Nov-2012 Sailu

Yeah I am very impressed by the way this site has been functioning and the way I have got the information...
31-Oct-2012 Sushant Mohan Saxena

This website is really wonderful & its a boon to kakinada people. Thank you very much.
21-Oct-2012 VinayNag Balla

Its very very good and Nice effort to create this website. congrats to Nyros team.
13-Oct-2012 Chinna Sivakoti

Maa kakinada prajalaki intha manchi website ichinanduku meeku kruthagnathalu, mee seva ki setha koti namaskaralu, great website sir
08-Oct-2012 Ramesh

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