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Our kakinada best web site is very good and clearly good information give to our kakinada members
12-May-2013 Murthy

Good to see this site which will be helpfull to the local guys.
06-May-2013 Posina Siva

I got the required information from this website. It is good to have such website for Kakinada people.
30-Apr-2013 Srikiran Dhanyamraju

Inkakinada is doing a very good job by providing full information in the city. This is very useful website for in and around kakinada people.
30-Apr-2013 Hari kishore reddy

It's good info. Keep it up. I would like to visit the site again for useful information. Thanks.
25-Apr-2013 Uday

This site is more useful to unemployed peoples,non local peoples for rent,events,function halls. It is the good & useful site to all&us. Thanks to "U"
24-Apr-2013 Veerababu

Excellent website with all the information of Kakinada. Thanks for putting together. Highly recommend this site.
18-Apr-2013 Sree

Nice website. Very good.

Very pleased with the website information. Could get all the information very easily just by opening the website.
25-Mar-2013 Kalyan

Great InKakinada and Nyros Technologies. Congrates to the Team and Founder(Earth Hour Hero). Great to maintain the business and social activity with equal justice. I support the team in all aspects. All the best for your future coming things.
24-Mar-2013 Varma

You are helping to public by publishing valuable data.

Very good service for the people who are not residing in kakinada. tTanks for the information
15-Mar-2013 Prasad

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