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08-Dec-2009 kurukuri veerakrishna

Please introduce Online Panchamgam for everyday.
05-Dec-2009 Seshu

This site is very useful to every person living in Kakinada and the areas near as it is giving a clear idea about our city...It helped me a lot and also helping me a lot in all the ways and it is doing to others also....First i wanna thank the developers of this site which magnified the importance and status of Kakinada. Every person living in Kakinada should have a glance and gain some valuable information from this...
04-Dec-2009 Anil Kumar Seshendra

Good Work
04-Dec-2009 shankar

Hi Inkakinada, I have written few reviews earlier and glad to know that, those suggestions / changes have been taken place as soon as you received the info from me. One more suggestion I would like to let you know is as few others also have been told that, to have an online ticket booking for movies playing in Kakinada, as we can believe that it can be achievable by you as you have a network of all theatres and can check of this facility as there are many online users who can make use of this facility and this will be useful for weekend bookings in advance etc.
03-Dec-2009 MNS Prasad helped me a lot for giving my house to rent. I got very good response from the visitors of the website.
02-Dec-2009 Suryakiran

In Response to Ajai kalluri's Feedback :

All the feature pages including Jobs, For sale, For rent, News and many more in the website are updated daily with the most happening city information. Thus, almost all the information provided here is updated frequently given out to our visitors a fresh experience whenever they visit it and from anywhere. We are also including new sections in future like Polls, Your Voice which will be projecting public opinions and issues.
30-Nov-2009 Support Team :

The website should be updated regularly to reflect the developments in the city. The site is an excellent point of contact.
30-Nov-2009 Ajai kalluri

Please provide online ticketing for movies.
29-Nov-2009 Ramakrishna

In Response to Shravan's Feedback :

The information you requested has been provided in our Categories Feature page; commonly known as yellow pages where a list of all businesses information in Kakinada is provided.

For the information regarding Consultants for Abroad studies, see Foreign Study Consultants in kakinada and for information on cold storages in kakinada have a look at Cold Storages in kakinada.
28-Nov-2009 Support Team :

Hi, I think it is inappropriate that not to list service providers for students wishing to study abroad in your site. Also please include details of any cold storages in kakinada.
27-Nov-2009 Shravan

Hi, This is really a good thought. I like your site very much. This site is so much helpful to every one. Please add friends column in this site. Thank Q.
27-Nov-2009 Sriram kandikonda

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