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The great jobe done by inkakinada
27-Aug-2010 Vihar bhagya

The site is very user friendly and it is an excellent site to get info and communicate. Its a good site too for knowing whats happenning in kakinada sector. Being interested in some informations about web developer jobs in kakinada, I found this website very helpfull, informative and very well done.Excellent professional service and help.
20-Aug-2010 Lakshmi

Very good in every point of view. Really helpful to each one. Hats off to the owner of this site for such a nice idea, and also to the staff for good and polite response. Thank u guys
03-Aug-2010 Arjun

Good site for Kakinada
02-Aug-2010 Mukesh

It's simply awesome n is giving very good info. with pics. Really great job done by proving such a useful site for the public. The filters really help the customers in saving time. So many categories n too good info. "view all" option vunte baaguntundi when we want to view all the sub options in each category. Apart from that, I liked the way it's very well designed n maintained. Above all it's really a great job done by Nyros:).
29-Jul-2010 Lakshmi Manasa

Good and help ful. Please try to develop it keeping in view the NRI world, so far so good
14-Jul-2010 Nani

Hello, Its a really daily surprize to all kakinada people while veiwing their wants and needs in Search making very much easy to find our needs. Thanks to Nyros Technologies. I wish, u will surely reach some more new mile stones in upcomming days. Regards, Prasad.S
14-Jul-2010 Prasad

Good job guys! Keep it up,improve your work and develop kakinada. We are all supporting you.
04-Jul-2010 Tony

Congratulations and all the best Dudes.
02-Jul-2010 Krishna Prasad

In railway listing category, please only specify trains which are going to kkd and going from kkd in a separate section, i made my account to tell this thing. I want to view only the trains from kkd, please list them in another section. Thank you:) it will be easier to view only kkd trains first. Later the outside trains, this site is specially for kkd, so lets give importance to kkd:) love you kkd:) love you creating a wonderful site:)
13-Jun-2010 Seth Wellington

Please accept my ad n let it b displayed.......thanks 4 taking d phota all by urself..really i didnt expect such a commitment from u
08-Jun-2010 Marni Suryanarayana Murthy

So nice in kakinada
08-Jun-2010 Vaibhav

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