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Sir, The website is very innovative and informative. The updates scrolling area is very impressive concept. The overall contents are good and well designed. However, you may please see that expired events are removed and the news report of the particular event may be posted after completion of the event. The theme of the website may be kept at the top in a jingle form. And the events may be appearing in capital letters and whole thing can be put in a tabular form for easy readability. Weather report may be directly posted withoug the need of anothe click. With best wishes.
22-Nov-2010 B.V.Satyanarayana

This is very good site helping all of the kakinada members i am very thankful to these site.
20-Nov-2010 Abhiram

Hi i appriciate inkakinada to maintain such website and its great that kakinada people are utilizing the services properly. Pl try to bring the great job done by our special officer J.C . Mr.Sasidhar by introducing doubble dustbin system in kakinada. Its really a wonderful initiative taken by him which is very much required. Hats off to him. Lets us educate our family members and friends also on this and make them to know the importance of separating the waste. One way it is useful for us to maintain our premises clean and on other way its a great help to reduce the pollution and protect the environment. Even KMC employees are doing good job by distributing pomp lets and educating housewives. I request inkakinda also to spread the message and encourage this process.Only inkakinda can do this as thousands of people in Kakinda will be visiting this site regularly. Let all of us put our hands together and support this process. All the best.....
16-Nov-2010 Sailaja

The site is very user friendly and it is an excellent site to get info and communicate. Its a good site too for knowing whats happenning in kakinada sector. Being interested in some informations about web developer jobs in kakinada, I found this website very helpfull, informative and very well done.Excellent professional service and help.
11-Oct-2010 Siva

good source of information TO KNOW THE DETAILS correctly. very useful for online information seekers
05-Oct-2010 Murthyraju

this site is very use ful to me not only to me but also all kakinada people thank you very much to giving this site to us........
01-Oct-2010 Abhiram

Hi friends, NYROS is doing a superb job. Info.on this site is very informative and updated frequently.Design, Layout and background is well planned.Keep up the good job -All the best to NYROS team. Regards S.Rangaraj
17-Sep-2010 S.Rangaraj

Good Web Site. Inform the details useful to Public like how to get Ration Card etc.
15-Sep-2010 Prasad babu

I was wondering who would be the fellow who would list out "bicycle stores" in small town like kakinada ... u took me by surprise..totally ..kudos guys..very helpful job ..waiting to see "in*allcities*" soon.
13-Sep-2010 Dr. Chinni krishna

Hai this is very good maintaining a website of kakinada......keep carry on. Good polling result also... If possible try to upload the data of boundary municipalities also. Have a good luck.
08-Sep-2010 Utham

I am very happy to visit the web whcih is doing yeomen service to the masses. I am planning to visit kakinada ,which i like the people very much for their friendship and love. @mohd.azam.deo.rtd .member of world peace .org. karimnager.a.p.india

I am pleasantly surprised at a dedicated Web-Site for Kakinadians.I will closely observe and also will be glad to contribute to make the Site more interesting.
01-Sep-2010 J.V.Padki

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