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Events in February 2020 @ Kakinada

Guest For This Program is B.Vijay Gopal. All are invited
16 లేయర్డ్ ఆయుర్జల్ క్యాప్సుల్ ఇయోయిడ్ యొక్క ప్రయోజనాలు లేయర్ నీటిని సర్దుబాటు చేయండి, యాంటీ - మైక్రోబిస్ల్ Ch చియోరిన్, వాసన, రంగు, హెవీ లోహాలు, రసాయనాలు, పురుగుమందుల...
25 Feet Shivalingam 18-Feb-2020
25 Feet Maha Shivalinga Divya Darsanam On The Occasion Of 84th Trimurti Shiva Jayanthi at Shanthi Dum, Sarpavaram Junction, Kakinada.On 21st Feb 2020 From 9:00 PM to 1...
Naama Sankeerthanam 18-Feb-2020
Naama Sankeerthanam is an Event Conducted On 18th Feb 2020 by Swami Suryapaada.Under The Blessings of Parama Pujya Sri Sri Ravishankar Gurudevulu.All Are Invited
Reliance Jewels 15-Feb-2020
Reliance Jewels (Be The Moment) Is a Special Exhibition & Sale Of Gold and Diamond Jewellery. Exclusive Officers:- Flat 20% Offer On Gold Jewellery Making. Upto 20%...
"Happy Valentines Day" Celebrate The Day Of Love with Your Significant Other with Our SpecialAll You Need Is a Love & Candle Light Dinner @ City View Restaurant, 7th F...
Weaves 07-Feb-2020
Weaves organizing regular exhibitions and sale festivals in large cities in different parts of the India to provide regular marketing facilities for promotion of handl...
Parinaya Exhibition 03-Feb-2020
In this Exhibition all types of Designer Blouses, Designer Sarees, Fashion, Style Jewellery, Decor, Designer Wear & Suits are Available.
Knowledge Hunt Test 02-Feb-2020
T.I.M.E. KKD conducting a Knowledge Hunt Test to all job aspirants. Take a chance to win up to Rs.10,000 on Feb 2nd, 10.00 AM. For Reg: 8885625625
Shilparamam Handicraft Exhibition an Exhibition cum sale of Hand looms and Handicrafts. Handlooms & Handicrafts Exhibition cum Sale. Items on Display: Rajasthan, Cot...
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