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Iam very regular customer of sparkle.. But now its becoming worse.. Once I got gud result in sparkle for facial in nagamallithota junction.. From then I done two r three tyns facials ovr there but ntng went gud.. They said if u take tan pack u wil get gud result.. Jst bcoz of their wrds I took that pack also.. But same result its very bad and worse part is my skin became blck. No tan went on.. Then s is wat gng on.. You wil ask giv feed bck already I gave ur feed bck.. U asked to take tan pack again.. Again its the same.. Worst sparkle nagamalli thota junctn.. I never felt lyk dis.. I will see how far you will consider my feedbck.. I xpct u wil say dat if you took sme othr pack it wil b gud.. Dnt fool othrs if u cnt do anything gud

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