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Who must be compensating Syamala Sadhan Apt. victims?

22-09-2011, 08:19 AM
  • Builder  64.93%
  • Government  21.64%
  • None  2.99%
  • Others (Please comment)  10.45%

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Where is the Builder Mr.Ajjarapu Satyanarayana Murthy and his partner Pavani on the name of M/s Pavani constructions?-they are the only Responsible of this whole damage-Why they taken bail before his arrest? By whom support did he came out of this police station (Kakinada-2 town) in the month of September? This Apartment constructed on 2008 and some flat owners registered their documents until end of year 2009 building collapsed on 2011 Sept they want to live 25 years in this building who will answer? Who will punish whom? Is this Possible? This is the real society? it is true world? Builder and his partner started their criminal brain to weakening this issue? Why did they floated money to debilitating this issue slowly syndicated corrupted officers in all departments supporting his illegal construction of apartments activities since several years? Why did done suddenly his son's marriage??-why did builder Ajjarapu Satyanarayana Murthy played sickness drama when the time he is going to arrested?-why did he not turned up for cent present settlement to justice to victims-How much seriousness in this case For Example: why did Police not filed FIR on him ,Law& Judiciary-(Why did High court Granted Anticipatory bail?),Why did District collector has been transformed suddenly?, Local MLA keen interest for sake his relatives benefits ,where is our honorable MP reactions in this issue at centre level? How about Town planning officers and commissioner’s responsibility of granted for BRS for builder were fail to keep/maintain the valuable records in their departments still? Perhaps, The Municipal corporation officers negligence sanctions and illegal permissions to these kind of uneducated builders? What kind of interest should Local Govt bodies taking action against him? Will they take lightly since 6 months these type of unauthenticated anti social elements?, why From Govt side no officers come and contacted those victims so far? Did all public knows other lady lost her two legs during this accident ,subsequently, due to this incident , one of the owner of the flat died after couple of days after this incident happened? Who will take these serious responsibility? BY Builder or Government, Police, Law or local leaders of Kakinada? Who will bear this loss and social responsibility of those victims? Does Govt supports /cooperates theses kind of builder or delaying his arrest and looking forward to get compensate those victims (owners and direct victims at the time of accident) with current Market Rate as per their Physical, financial, social and mental strain and Loss of integrity in the society??why did other builder associations shouldn’t eliminate him and eradicate this things should not repeat again? why local lawyers and bank employees and other Govt and so called JNTU relative supporting his illegal constructions Throughout city of kakinada, How did builder have been registered more than 1000 assets in various place of AP which is registered in all registration offices on his name and partner Pavani ?Can anyone check/Verify these records in East Godavari and West Godavari and Visakhapatnam registrar office?, sub -registrar offices (we can find also in other districts)? Why did SP office, Kakinada does not taken any actions against him? Why did print and News Media not showing curiosity as they shown interest at the time of accident and consecutive days ,subsequently they lost interest in this matter or Incident? As a matter of fact, this is the shameful incident matter of great Kakinada history? Did Owners frightened by local MLA’s actions or local private Third party’s threats (i.e.: Local Private Settlement Brokers)??Where is the Real Flat Owners of this Shyamala Sadan Building and who are they? Are they having unity since this building collapse? Are they filed fir against on him? Did they ask him for compensation directly? Who are the owners/victims who are tenants? Who are severely suffered at the time of incident on Sept 16th 2011,5 pm to 12 midnight? these all things builder and partners aware and fix and decide when they are exactly going to pay compensation to Owners of this flat(15 persons)and how they are distribute this compensation (money only)in front of media and civil court judge and legal authorities or District Magistrate? This Incident has happened more than 6 months ago. However, one owner did not get any written or verbal statement from builder and they did not get right answer from builder so far? And they are expecting at least a responsible statement from him via news and print media? Is Sriramnagar -Ajjarapu Towers (He is presently Lives)and Sasi kanth nagar Apartment is belongs to him and lot of other assets and other several apartments ,individual houses and lot of plots belongs to him? Therefore, he can easily payment to Owners/victims by sell his properties to clear his bad remark and prove himself let him try to he is responsible for it??Let do not be conclude that public and society will leave this matter easily and They (15 Owners of this Shyamalasadan building)- are sincerely expecting/ recommending right justice at right time without any sort of delay.

Is Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal Bill enough to stop corruption?

19-08-2011, 11:29 AM
  • Yes  50.90%
  • No  22.97%
  • Better than nothing  21.62%
  • Others (Please comment)  4.50%

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What will seriously take Kakinada to ‘Next Level’?

12-07-2011, 12:33 PM
  • Academies for Sports & Arts  9.46%
  • Multiplexes & Theme Parks  12.16%
  • More Employment  31.62%
  • Organized Municipality & Tr...  33.78%
  • Others(please comment)  12.97%

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good city which is completely different from other cities in andhra pradesh and telangana so i think today ther is no problem when our city is developed all people will come and settle then the natives will face some problems so i want be city of natives I THINK OUR KAKINADA IF IT IS ANOTHER STATE LIKE TAMILNADU,KARNATAKA,MAHARASTHRA THEY WILL DEVELOP IT BECAUSE THEY IDENTIFY GOOD CITIES BUT OUR CITY IS IN A.P SO WE CAN'T EXPECT DEVELOPMENT