Tupperware Products (Gaigolupadu), Kakinada
Tupperware Products (Gaigolupadu)
Contact Person
4th Floor, Sai Ram Residency, Nagavan, Gaigolupadu, Kakinada - 05
Near Durgamma Temple
Opening hours
9:00 a.m. To 4:00 p.m.
Tupperware Products are made with genuine plastic, which is not harmful to health. The unique feature of the product is Air tight and liquid tight, which gives more than three times life/ freshness than storing in a normal containers.
Different types of Tupperware products are:
Dry Storage - Modular Magic: Tupperware modular mates were created to organize your kitchen for space and convenience, while ensuring that your food stays fresh. They are a complete modular storage solution for your kitchen. Over a prolonged period, cereals and pulses face deterioration from infestation and molding.
Refrigeration- Fridges mart: Tupperware's range of fridge products help you transform a messy fridge to an organized one. You save not only space but even money sinc everything can be kept fresher and longer while the fridge looks its very best! 
Food Preparation: Take away stress and tension from everyday cooking! Simplify food preparation with out Smart Kitchen tools. Proper and hygienic food preparation is vital to ensure that food will not be spoiled before consumption, especially in today's lifestyle when all of us prepare food much in advance.
Microwave: Cooking in Microwave using Tupperware is beneficial: Nutrient Retention
Natural Flavors Retention
Weight Watcher's Delight
Less Risk of Burns
Energy saving.
Lifetime Guarantee: Tupperware Products are guaranteed against chipping, cracking or breaking under non commercial use if the same product replacement will be made.
Distance from
Rail : 1.99 km, Bus : 2.71 km
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