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Sri Agastyaa Co-School, Kakinada
Sri Agastyaa Co-School
Co- School & Junior College
Contact Person
D. N. Rao
D.No: 3-16B-55, Postal Colony, Santhinagar, Kakinada - 03
Near Foundation Hospital
Opening hours
9:00 a.m. To 5:00 a.m.
Sri Agastyaa Co-School
We are Offering Concept Oriented and Integrated Programs for IIT & Medical Exams.

**Co Programme- For class VI to XII
**Star Co Programme- For class VII to XII
**Star A Programme- For class VIII to XII
**Star A1 Programme- For Class IX to XII
**Star A2 Programme- For class IX to XII
**Star A1+ Programme- For class X to XII
*Star A2+ Programme- For class X to XII

In Each Class 40 Members Only.

Sri Agastyaa's Special Programmes in College

**White Eagle
Programme For IIT
Ac Classes

** Lakshya
Target For IIT + Mains
Class Strength - 40
AC Classroom

** Achievers
Target For IIT + Mains
Class Strength - 50
Non-AC Classroom

** Medical Super 30
Target For AIIMS + NEET
Class Strength - 30
AC Classroom

Campus2:Opp Venkateswara Swamy Temple,Gandhi Nagar Kakinada

For more details contact: 7075567819,9948177339
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