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Sai Sudha Hospital, Kakinada
Sai Sudha Hospital
Multi Speciality (24 Hours)
Contact Person
Vadrevu Ravi
D.No: 21-1-24, Jawahar Street, Salipeta, Kakinada - 01
Balaji Cheruvu
Opening hours
For two decades, the Sai Sudha Hospital has maintained a commitment to community service and quality patient care, earning it a top reputation in the city of Kakinada and state of Andhra Pradesh. SSH is on the hospital panel list of several Public Sector Companies, Health Insurance Companies, and Industries in around Kakinada.
With a daily out patient turnover of more than 150-200 patients, the staff at Sai Sudha are always in top gear to serve.
Infrastructure: All air conditioned rooms. The hospital has 3 operation theaters, 2 labor rooms and one emergency room. Mammography, IRC, Endoscopy and the Laboratory have separate, spacious rooms.
Pharmacy: There is a fully stocked pharmacy within the O.P area open for 24 hrs.
ICCU: The ICCU has running Central Oxygen, Pulse Oxymeters and other Monitoring Equipment, like a defibrillator and ventilator, with round the clock duty doctors and paramedical staff.
In-Patient Rooms: The hospital has A.C rooms and other Non A.C rooms to accommodate a total of 50 to 80 in-patients.
Operation Theater Complex: The hospital has 2 major operation theaters, 2 minor operation theaters, 2 labour rooms and recovery rooms
Consultant Doctors: Dermatology, Family Medicine, General Surgeon, Physician, Radiologist, Anesthesia, Ortho, Lap. Surgeon, Radiation Oncology, Microbiologist, Gynecologist, ENT Surgeon, Pediatric, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, Nephrologist, Cardiologist
HIV Testing consulting and Treatment services are offered as per international standards. Dr. Ravi is pioneer in this field of medicine in the state of A.P
Ambulance: The hospital has its own ambulance for emergencies which is available 24 hours a day.
Distance from
Rail : 2.02 km, Bus : 1.43 km
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Sai Sudha Hospital

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