Manoj Dental Care, Kakinada
Manoj Dental Care
Advanced Center For Root Canal Treatment
Contact Person
Dr.Manoj Chelikani MDS
D.No: 10-5-49, Near Subbayya Hotel, Nageswararao Street, Ramaraopeta, Kakinada - 04
Opp: More Super Market
Opening hours
9:00 a.m. To 9:00 p.m.
Consultant Doctor: Dr.Manoj Chilakani MDS (Endodontist)

Specialist Doctors Team :
Dr.Manoj chelikani, M.D.S.(Endodontist) Root Canal Specialist

Dr.Gautam Vishnubhotla, M.D.S (Prosthodonist) Fixed Teeth & Dentures & Implant Specialist

Dr.Manikanta kumar, M.D.S. Root Canal Specialist
Dr.Abhishek Janardhanam(Chennai), M.D.S.(Invisalign certified orthodontist) Clips Specialist

Dr.Siva Ganesh Pampana, M.D.S. Wisdom Teeth, Jaws & Facial Fractures Specialist.

Our Specialties:
Sterilization: We follow strict sterilization protocol according to the CDC guidelines of American Dental Association. The Hospital has taken necessary care and precautions to address the fear of cross-infection from other patients arising from the reuse of dental equipment

Root canal treatment : We assure you the best root canal treatment in Kakinada. Advanced equipment for root canal treatment is used (E-connect pro, j Morita apex locator, ultrasonic irrigation) with which we can complete the root canal treatment in single sitting. We guarantee you a painless, fast and comfortable treatment. Rubber dam isolation(our exclusive care shows the world class standards)

Implants : implants are for replacement of missing natural teeth, it’s like having a second chance to get back natural teeth. Implants are done by our Experienced and Certified Implantologist.

Fixed Ceramic Teeth (Bridge): Can be done with the support of adjacent Teeth. Experience the World class Zirconia teeth from 3M and IPS EMPRESS.

Esthetic dentistry: Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart, we enhance your smile by scientifically proven esthestic principles, we offer bleaching(for tooth discoloration), smile design( space closure between teeth) and tooth Jewellery.

Clips or Braces: Irregular, Crowded, Rotated Teeth can be corrected using fixed Orthodontic Braces. We also offer clip-less orthodontic treatment with invisalign aligners.
Distance from
Rail : 1.28 km, Bus : 1.14 km
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Manoj Dental Care

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