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Leela Super Speciality Dental Hospital, Kakinada
Leela Super Speciality Dental Hospital
Contact Person
Dr. K.V.Krishnam Raju, M.D.S(Prosthodonist)
Dr.No. 2-1-48A, 1st Floor, Poorna Mansion, Bhanugudi Junction, Kakinada - 03
Opp. Ayyappaswamy Temple
Opening hours
9:00 a.m. To 9:00 p.m.
Specialist Doctors Team :
Dr.K.V.Krishnam Raju, M.D.S.(Prosthodonist) Fixedd Teeth & Dentures & Implant Specialist
Dr.Gajjarapu Satyanarayana, M.D.S Gums Surgery Specialist
Dr.Chekka Murali Krishna, M.D.S. Root Canal Specialist
Dr.Kancharla Pavan Kumar, M.D.S. Clips Specialist
Dr.Polisetty Navven Kumar, M.D.S. Wisdom Teeth, Jaws & Facial Fractures Specialist.
Our Specialities :
Sterilization : The Hospital has taken necessary care and precuations concering the common fear in dental patients regarding infection from other patients arising from reuse of denal equipment to the CDC guielines of American Dental Association.
Implats : Mising Teeth can be replaced as close to a natural Teeth with help of implant. Implant done by Experienced Certified Implantologists.
Fixed Ceramic Teeth (Bridge) : Can be done with support of adjacent Teeth. Experience World class Metal Free Ceramics from empress and Procera (Sweden).
Lasers : Our lastest equipment Lasers are very helpful in reducing the pain and bleeding for the patient during various Dental Procedures like Gum Surgeries Frenectomy, Gingivectomy, Gingival curettage.
Root canal Treatment : Advanced equipment for root canal treatment X-smart with which we can complete the root canal treatment in single sitting. Which is painless, fast and comfortable to the patient.
Clips or Braces : Irregular, Crowded, Rotated Teeth can be corrected using fixed Orthodonitc Braces. We use invisible Ceramic Braces which s more esthetic.

A.P. State Government Recognized Dental Hospital.
Reimbursement facility available for Govt.Employees, APEPDCL, Pensioners & Their Dependents Referral Hospital for ONGC Employees and their Dependents.
Distance from
Rail : 0.11 km, Bus : 0.82 km
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