Jeevanaspoorthi Charitable Trust & Children Home, Kakinada
Jeevanaspoorthi Charitable Trust & Children Home
Children Home/ Social Service/ Charitable Trust
Contact Person
D.No: 3-20-4/11B, Ram Mohan Raja Nagar, Road No-7 , NFCL Road, Kakinada - 03
Near Akshara School
Opening hours
10:00 a.m. To 7:00 p.m.
Jeevanaspoorthi Charitable Trust is a Registered, Non-Profitable & Non-Religious social service organization which is working on various projects to make difference in the lives of Poor & Needy and creating a Better Society & Country.
As a part of our projects we have started our home at Kakinada in 2020. We have 12 orphan and semi orphan Children, who are looked after by the specialized staff. We are providing these Children - Quality food, Education and their overall development is looked after by us. We also run our food bank – feed the poor on streets at Kakinada –
Every individual wants to do something for the society whether it's a small help or a big one, we do not promise that we will change the society in a day but assure that wherever we are, whatever we do, you will see a difference.

We are not going to do anything extra ordinary but showcase service at its best and the passion, we have to change and make our city a better place. We don't have any regular sponsors, we get help from , Friends, relatives, colleagues and few people who genuinely come forward to help us. Donations are invited.

Bank Account Details:
Account Name : Jeevanaspoorthi Charitable Trust
Account Number : 200001385659
Bank Name : Equitas Small Finance Bank
Branch – Kakinada
IFSC Code: ESFB0004006
Distance from
Rail : 1.97 km, Bus : 2.25 km
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