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Dayalbagh Distance Educational Institute, Kakinada
Dayalbagh Distance Educational Institute
Distance Education
Contact Person
Uppuluri Surya Kantam
Achutaramayya Street , Ramaraopeta, Kakinada - 04
Behind Collectorate
Opening hours
4:00 p.m. To 7:00 p.m.
The Institute has introduced a scheme of innovative and comprehensive education at university and non-university general and technical education levels which aims at excellence but not at the cost of the relevance, which inculcates dignity of labor, encourages initiative and creative work, which is Multidisciplinary, which prepares men for the increasingly techno-oriented society of tomorrow without uprooting them from their agriculture moorings, which will generate in the alumni the basic values of humanism, secularism and democracy by exposing them to principles of all the major religions of the world and to their own cultural heritage, thus developing in them an integrated personality of well-adjusted men whose world has not been broken into fragments by narrow domestic walls.

Certificate Courses: Admissions On January & June
1. Modern Office Management and Secretarial Practice : Duration 1 Year (2 Semesters), Qualification: Intermediate
2. Office Assistant Cum Computer Operator: Duration 1 Year, Qualification: Intermediate
3. Motor Vehicle Mechanic for 4 Wheeler: Duration 1 Year (2 Semesters), Qualification: 10th Pass
4. Dress Designing & Tailoring (Only for Ladies): Duration 1 Year, Qualification: 10th Pass
5. Cutting & Sewing (Only For Ladies): Duration: 1 Year, Qualification: 8th Pass
5. Wireman / Electrician: Duration 1 Year, Qualification: 10th, Duration: 2 Years, Qualification: 8th Pass.

Short Term Courses:
1. Course Name: Tie & Die, Duration: 10 Weeks, Qualification: 7th Pass
2. Course Name: Shorthand (English), Duration: 6 Months, Qualification: Intermediate
3. Course Name: Accounting Management, Duration: 6 Months, Qualification: Intermediate
4. Course Name: Basics Of Sewing, Duration: 10 Weeks, Qualification: 8th Pass
5. Course Name: Children's Clothing(Elementary), Duration: 8 Weeks, Qualification: 8th Pass
6. Course Name: Fabric To Garment, Duration: 10 Weeks, Qualification: 8th Pass
7. Course Name: Under Clothing(Elementary), Duration: 8 Weeks, Qualification: 8th pass
8. Course Name: Clothing For Children & Teanagers), Duration: 8 Weeks, Qualification: 10 Pass
9. Course Name: Under Clothing, Duration: 10 Weeks, Qualification: 10th pass
10. Course Name: Black Printing, Duration: 10 Weeks, Qualification: 8th Pass
11. Course Name: Diploma IT, Duration: 3 Years, Qualification: 10 Pass
12. Course Name: B.Vocational, Duration: 3 Years, Qualification: Intermediate

Modular Courses: Admissions On Every 3 Months

Who passed out 10th are eligible for courses.
For More Details Contact Mrs.U.Surya Kantam (9441240848)
Distance from
Rail : 1.72 km, Bus : 1.54 km
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