Bank of Maharashtra (Main Road), Kakinada
Bank of Maharashtra (Main Road)
Contact Person
Branch Manager
D.No: 20-1-10/7, Super Bazar Complex. , Main Road, Kakinada - 01
Opp. Ramraj Cotton
Opening hours
10:00 a.m. To 2:00 p.m.
 and 2:30 p.m.  To 4:00 p.m.
Registered on 16th Sept 1935 with an authorized capital of Rs 10.00 lakh and commenced business on 8th Feb 1936.
Deposit Products > mahabank family banking card, Mahabank Yuva Yojana, Mahabank Lok Bachat Yojana, Quarterly Interest Deposit Scheme (QIDS), Mixie Deposit Scheme, Floating Rate Deposit Scheme, Savings Deposit, Cumulative Deposit Scheme (CDR), Recurring Deposit Scheme, Mahabank Unit Deposit Scheme, Sulabh Jama Yojana
Credit Facilities > Educational Loans, For Agriculturists, For Corporates, For Entrepreneurs, For Exporters, For Indiviuals, For Professionals, Housing Finance Scheme, Mahabank Adhar Scheme, Mahabank Consumer Loan Scheme, Mahabank Gold Card Scheme, For Exporters, Mahabank Renewable Energy Equipments, Mahabank Realty Finance, Mahabank Salary Gain Scheme, Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme, Personal loans, Mahadeep Solar Home Systems.
NRI Services > Permitted Cards: Proceeds of Foreign Currency cheques, drafts, travelers cheques, remittances from abroad in foreign currency, proceeds from your existing NRE / FCNR accounts, Interest on Govt. securities and dividend of UTI and other investments in shares and debentures provided that the investments were made by debit to the NRE / FCNR account. Permitted Debits > Local Disbursements, Remittances outside India, transfer to NRE/FCNR of your own account. Investments in shares/securities/debentures of an Indian company is permitted subject to regulations in vogue.
Banking Services > ATM, CREDIT CARD, LOCKERS, bank's, Bank assurance, Distribution of Mutual Funds
Distance from
Rail : 2.21 km, Bus : 1.57 km
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