Bank of Baroda (Main Road), Kakinada
Bank of Baroda (Main Road)
Contact Person
Gold Market Center, Main Road, Kakinada - 01
Near Gold Market Centre
Opening hours
8:00 a.m. To 8:00 p.m.
It has been a long and eventful journey of almost a century across 25 countries. Starting in 1908 from a small building in Baroda to its new hi-rise and hi-tech Baroda Corporate Centre in Mumbai, is a saga of vision, enterprise, financial prudence and corporate governance.
We also recognize that our bank is characterised by diversity. Our network of branches spans geographical and cultural boundaries and rural-urban divides. Our customers come from a wide spectrum of industries and backgrounds. The Baroda Sun is a fitting face for our brand because it is a universal symbol of dynamism and optimism – it is meaningful for our many audiences and easily decoded by all.
Our Products: Savings accounts, Current accounts, Fixed deposits, Housings loans for purchase and construction, Loans for house repairs, Sulab( Personal loan) to employs, Business loans, Loans for construction of nursing homes and schools, mortgage loans, loans against kisan and Indira vikas patras, NRI Services, Foreign Currency credits, Export and Import Finance etc.
Working Hours:
Monday to Friday - 8am to 8pm
Saturday - 8am to 2.30pm Sunday is a holiday,
Distance from
Rail : 2.86 km, Bus : 2.21 km
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