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This website makes me to know more about kakinada.
10-Jun-2009 Suryateja

Nice to see the way kakinada is developing.Work done by the team is very good &information provided is very useful..thanks n all the best to the entire team..
09-Jun-2009 Ravi Kiran

Its very useful to us.Thanks to inkakinada & Nyros
07-Jun-2009 Sreekanth

This site is very very useful to everybody & got lots of excellent useful information.Its very good having all the information about the jobs, sales, rents etc..Which is very encouraging for students like us.
05-Jun-2009 Chaitanya Vissa

I am very thankful for the jobs information you provide. Thank you.
04-Jun-2009 Balakrishna

It's easy to find out our thoughts and necessaries. I am looking for a Networking Company, so seeing I feel free.
02-Jun-2009 Ramakanth

Its very nice of ur website ,i really got impressed a lot. kakinada had popularized a lot because of your website and i am thankful to you for it. Thank you.
02-Jun-2009 rajkumar samana

Hey..Guyzzz this is really amazing...therezz so much stuff u can find in it...anywayzz thanks to all who has taken great effort to build this....
01-Jun-2009 Sruthi

Thankyou for creating the inkakinada is helping the people to know the information all time.
31-May-2009 Saisameer

It's better to provide a column for moral values.
31-May-2009 Malim Basha

Site is good..
30-May-2009 adam

This website is very nice and is useful for all kakinada people.
30-May-2009 vedavyas

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