This is a semi residential area on the G.F.C.L road. All classes of people reside here. This area is nearer to beach road by 3 km. Company workman to management staff resides in this area. Kakinada public school, Kerala public school, Sri Gayathri public school and Srikanth public school are located in this area which is providing best educational facilities to the children. Township houses Sri Siddhi Vinayaka diagnostic center. Many sanitary ware shops are also situated in this area. Sarpavaram junction leads this area by one of its roads. Transportation is provided to this township by auto rickshaws.

This area falls under panchayati and the sarpanch for this area is Nurukurti Durgalaxmi .The typical land rates ranges from 15,000 per square yard.

Pincode - 533005

Valasapakala     Valasapakala     Valasapakala     Valasapakala    
Directions To Valasapakala
Sub-Areas       :
Gollapeta, Vigneswaranagar, Simhadrinagar, Manikyanagar, Nagarjunanagar, Gangarajunagar.
Near by areas :
Ramanayyapeta, Sarpavaram Junction, NFCl, GFCL.
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