Temple Street

Temple Street is a commercial area which is occupying over one km radius in Kakinada town. At Temple street are located some fine market places and shopping stores. Area includes two wheeler shops, hardware shops, jewellery shops, computer centers, charitable trusts, travels. Township is famous for temples like Shivalayam, Vishnalayam, Geetha Mandiram etc. Area houses small establishments and institutions. Area connects to Main road at 4 centers by 200m distance. This is one of the main commercial areas of the town. This is a semi residential area with many of the working employees. The area is dived into small streets connected to the rest of the township. All variety of working people resides here.

The typical land rates ranges from 30,000 per square yard.

Pincode - 533001

Temple Street
Temple Street     Temple Street     Temple Street    
Directions To Temple Street
Sub-Areas       :
Aakellavari street, Kouthavari street, Taadvari street, Victory house colony, Digumarthivari street, Vinukondavari street, Ganjamvari street, Gold market center.
Near by areas :
Ganjamvari Street, Main road, Tilak Street
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