Sri Nagar

Srinagar is a semi residential area. The area stretches from Padma Priya Theater to back side of collector’s bungalow. Aditya academy main campus is covered under Srinagar area. The well divided streets are connected to main road. Most of the residents here are job holders. Individual houses and well constructed apartments are seen in this township. Janmabhoomi Park is situated over here and is located backside of Ishwarya grand. It provides lot of Refreshment to the regional people. Famous banks and computer centers are situated. Area includes famous Nayana Eye hospital. Sama concept school and Nava Bharat public school are famous over here.

The typical land rates ranges from 35,000 per square yard.

Pincode - 533003

Sri Nagar
Sri Nagar    
Directions To Sri Nagar
Sub-Areas       :
Padma Priya road, Gokul street, Murali street, Brindavan street, Chedurivari street, Janmabhoomi park area, Aditya Academy area.
Near by areas :
Bhanugudi junction, R.T.C complex, Venkat nagar, Bhaskar nagar.
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