MSN Charities

This area is named under the name of famous business man and philanthropist Malladi Satyalinga Nayakar. He donated all his money and property to the government for the welfare of the people. As a mark of remembrance government constructed M.S.N school and M.S.N College and named the area as M.S.N charities. The area is a residential area comprising of all classes of people. Many of them were working as daily wage labour and employees in small industries. Few of them are government and high paid job holders. The streets of the township are well divided and connected to the main road. The main commercial area nearer to this township is Jagannaickpur. Jagannaickpur area fulfills the educational and grocery needs for the people living in this township. Like many other areas in the town this is also one of the developing areas.

This area comes under ward number no 23 and the corporator for this area is Smt Chitneedi Satyavathi (Ex-Corporator).The typical land rates ranges from 12,000 to 20,000 per square yard.

Pincode - 533002

MSN Charities
MSN Charities     MSN Charities     MSN Charities     MSN Charities    
Directions To MSN Charities
Sub-Areas       :
Nayaka Street, Jawaharlal Road, Kurakulavari Street, Jogavari Street, Mulluvari Street, Vellisettivari Street, Swamivari Street, Marrivari Street, Pastorpeta, Komalivari Street, Korukondavari Street, Jayaprakash Nagar, Kamela Road, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Eswar Colony, Gopikrishna Colony, Randeep Nagar, Indira Colony, Shariff Street, Akasavari Street, Badevari Street.
Near by areas :
Turangi, Jagannaickpur
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